Do you do custom work? Yes. As a matter of fact, all of our work is custom/commissioned work. We do not maintain an “inventory” of our products. On occasion we may have products that were created for customers that for some reason did not ship out. Keep an eye out for these “Special Deals.”

Do you wholesale? No. We sell retail to everybody, there is no middleman, you buy direct from us.

What are your lead times? Contact us for this (rogueartist@artfullyrogue.com).  Typical lead times may be 6-8 weeks for water features, 3-4 weeks for doors, 8-10 weeks for sculptures.

How can I order? You can order directly from the website or call (928) 274-2697 if your order requires more detail than provided on the website.

Do you offer discounts? On occasions we have products that ordered and for one reason or another didn’t ship to the client.

Are you in any stores? Not at this time, we sell direct. We build on a “made to order” basis and rarely if ever have an inventory of products.

Do you build all of the products? YES! We make it all in house. All pieces are designed and built here.

Where are you located, and do you have a showroom? We are in North Phoenix, south of the Deer Valley Airport. Our address is 329 W. Lone Cactus #5 Phoenix Arizona 85027. Please make an appointment before visiting. We don’t do tours as we’re too busy and this a working shop. But if you want to buy and see our craftsmanship beforehand, give us a call.

How did you get into this business? Check out our “About” page.

What kind of wood and metal do you use? For wood, Knotty Alder, oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, cherry are our favorites. For steel, American made mild steel is used mainly.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we do, will need your address to get a shipping price.

What is your return policy? Custom and made to order pieces are non-returnable and non-refundable. However, if you stop the build before it is completed, you may receive a portion of your payment back minus material and labor cost up to the point of stopping the project.

What are the shipping costs? Shipping cost of $500 is an estimate. The exact shipping cost will be added once there is an accurate weight and crate dimensions. Shipping cost will be added to the remaining balance which is due once the project is complete and your product has been crated and shipping arranged. If you paid in full, a separate invoice for shipping will be sent to you once there is an accurate shipping cost.